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Doug Cobb

Doug is continuing to enhance his work every day, and has recently teamed up with his professional sons and daughter to form SeaLectric Marine, LLC. Together, they hope to develop and promote the revolutionary technology he’s worked on for the last 20 years...


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Our mission is to develop innovative hybrid marine drive systems using sustainable natural energies that protect the natural waterways and surrounding environments.

We are dedicated to fair, honest, and thoughtful business practices.


The international community is continually demanding improved measures to protect the global environment. Water is undoubtedly the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without it, life on Earth would be non-existent: Water is essential for everything on our planet to grow and prosper. Despite its importance on all marine ecosystems, increased human activities and negligence have caused significant damage and pose a serious threat to marine bio-diversity. In order to combat water pollution we must be part of the solution and support innovative development that protects our natural resources and preserves habitats and ecosystems.


We realize boats have an impact on our natural environment and we encourage boat owners to be good stewards of the resources they utilize for their enjoyment. The earth's waterways are not the exclusive right of boat owners but all of Earth's inhabitants. It is our primary goal to promote an awareness and provide ground-breaking solutions to protect our natural waterways and surrounding environments.


The purpose of SeaLectric Marine, LLC is to develop, build, and market innovative electric and electric hybrid marine applications that are eco-conscious and environmentally clean. Our innovative technology utilizes sustainable natural energies such as solar, wind, and bio-fuels. The use of these alternative resources emphasizes the decline of using fossil fuels as a primary energy source while operating reliably and efficiently. SeaLectric Marine's sustainable design will serve as a practical model for the marine industry's advancements towards environmental responsibility.