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Doug Cobb is the founder of SeaLectric Marine and former President of Solar Car Corporation. Over the course of 30+ years as an entrepreneur, inventor, and advisor, Doug Cobb has conceived an innovative approach to research and development in the alternative energy field. He passionately applies his lifelong fascination with electricity and mechanics as the driving force of his innovative expertise.


Early in childhood, Cobb’s innate understanding of mechanics and electronics was “wired” to be his life’s work. Even as a teenager, Doug Cobb was an electronic repairman and machinist. His unwavering imagination and inventiveness kept him developing cutting edge technology in the field of wind, solar and electric energy. Once he became a Master Electrician and secured his Electrical Contracting License, he quickly founded SeaLectric Inc., his own electrical contracting firm. During this time, he became increasingly involved in the research and development of hybrid-electric vehicles, specifically electric vehicle conversion. Cobb also began to apply the same conversion technology to marine applications, ultimately establishing his vision of eco-friendly boats navigating the vast waterways of Florida. In 1989, he created an electrically powered boat with zero-pollution. The electric boat, SeaLectric II, is still in service today on the Suwannee River.


As the conversion technology advanced, he eventually co-founded Solar Car Corporation. As President of Solar Car Corporation, Cobb devoted himself to the development and production of electric, solar and hybrid vehicle technology. The vehicles and kits produced by Solar Car Corporation have been certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as zero-emission vehicles. An array of significant developments in the field of hybrid vehicle technology was made during his tenure at Solar Car Corporation. At that time, he received grants from the Florida Energy Office, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Army for the consultation and development of an advanced electric drive system.


Cobb is a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Industry Association and has also served as an Electric Vehicle Expert for Corbin Pacific, developing a small, single passenger electric vehicle. The vehicle, dubbed “the Sparrow” has gone on to gain worldwide recognition and a design award for innovation.


He has served as an advisor, teacher, and consultant in the fields of electronics and sustainable energy. As a highly experienced consultant and charismatic communicator, Cobb’s creative and dynamic style has allowed him to significantly impact sustainable design principles and advance hybrid technology development. Doug Cobb continues to develop and innovate in nearly all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle. He now lives near the Suwannee River in Florida with his wife. They are currently navigating Florida’s most hidden waterways in the original SeaLectric II where they continue to push the limits of imagination and discovery.


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